Battery for MAKITA BL1430 | 14.4V

Battery for MAKITA BL1430 | 14.4V

Product code: 52996

Battery for power tools MAKITA BL1430
Capacity: 3000 mAh

Battery for power tools

Qoltec battery for Makita BL1430 is a high quality substitute compatible with original producer’s product. In our batteries were applied very productive lithium-ion cells, which make long work time and they are lighter about 40% than Ni-Cd i Ni-MH cells at the same capacity. These cells are characterized by high current efficiency and because of this they are more overload-proof.
Qoltec batteries have built-in protection which protect products against overcharging and self-discharging. They have RoHS and CE certificates.
When you buy new battery, you keep continuity of your work and don’t waste your time for additional loading the batteries. It makes failure rate lower and time of using power tools can be prolonged.
Qoltec batteries are lightweight, resistant to mechanical damage and low temperature.

Technical data
Compatible with
Cell type
14.4 V
3000 mAh
Battery code
BL1415, BL1430, BL1440, BL1450, 194558-0, 194559-8, 194065-3, BML145
Net weight
470 g
60 x 100 x 74 mm
12 months
Gross weight
0,523 kg
EAN code
Dedicated for models
Makita 6281DWAE
Makita 6281DWALE
Makita 6932FDWDE
Makita 6934FDWDE
Makita 8281DWAE
Makita BBO140
Makita BBO180
Makita BCF050
Makita BCG140RH
Makita BCG140Z
Makita BCL140
Makita BCL140Z
Makita BCL142
Makita BCL142Z
Makita BDA340
Makita BDA340RFE
Makita BDA340Z
Makita BDA341
Makita BDA341RFE
Makita BDA341Z
Makita BDF343
Makita BDF343446RFJ
Makita BDF343RHEX
Makita BDF343RHEX4
Makita BDF343RHEX5
Makita BDF343RHJ
Makita BDF440
Makita BDF440RFE
Makita BDF440SFE
Makita BDF440Z
Makita BDF441
Makita BDF441RFE
Makita BDF441SFE
Makita BDF441Z
Makita BDF442
Makita BDF442RFE
Makita BDF444RFE
Makita BDF444Z
Makita BDF446
Makita BDF446RFE
Makita BDF446RFJ
Makita BDF446Z
Makita BDF448
Makita BDF448RFE
Makita BDF448RFJ
Makita BDF454
Makita BFL061F
Makita BFL082F
Makita BFL122F
Makita BFL201RZ
Makita BFL202F
Makita BFL300F
Makita BFL301RZ
Makita BFL400F
Makita BFL401F
Makita BFL402RZ
Makita BFR440
Makita BFR440RFE
Makita BFR440SFE
Makita BFR540
Makita BFR540RFE
Makita BFR540Z
Makita BFR550
Makita BFR750
Makita BFS440
Makita BFS440RFE
Makita BFS441RFE
Makita BFS441Z
Makita BFT022F
Makita BFT041RZ
Makita BFT044F
Makita BFT082RZ
Makita BFT084F
Makita BFT124RZ
Makita BFT126F
Makita BGA450RFE
Makita BGA450Z
Makita BHP343Z
Makita BHP440
Makita BHP440SFE
Makita BHP441
Makita BHP441RFE
Makita BHP441SFE
Makita BHP441Z
Makita BHP442
Makita BHP442RF
Makita BHP442RFE
Makita BHP444
Makita BHP444RFE
Makita BHP444Z
Makita BHP446
Makita BHP446RFE
Makita BHP446Z
Makita BHP448RFJ
Makita BHR162
Makita BHR162RFE
Makita BHR162SFE
Makita BHR162Z
Makita BJN160Z
Makita BJR141Z
Makita BJV140
Makita BJV140RF
Makita BJV140RFE
Makita BJV140Z
Makita BLM145
Makita BML01S
Makita BML145
Makita BML146
Makita BML184
Makita BML801
Makita BML801X
Makita BML802
Makita BMR050
Makita BMR100
Makita BMR102
Makita BMR103B
Makita BNJ160
Makita BPJ140
Makita BPJ140Z
Makita BPT350
Makita BPT350RFE
Makita BPT350Z
Makita BSS500RFE
Makita BSS500Z
Makita BST110RFE
Makita BST220n
Makita BST220RFE
Makita BTD130
Makita BTD130F
Makita BTD130FRFE
Makita BTD130FSFE
Makita BTD130FSFER
Makita BTD130FSFEW
Makita BTD130FW
Makita BTD130FZ
Makita BTD130SFE
Makita BTD132
Makita BTD132RFE
Makita BTD133
Makita BTD133RFE
Makita BTD133Z
Makita BTD134
Makita BTD134D
Makita BTD134RFE
Makita BTD134Z
Makita BTD136
Makita BTD136RFE
Makita BTD136RFJ
Makita BTD146
Makita BTL060RFE
Makita BTL060Z
Makita BTM40ZX1
Makita BTP130
Makita BTP130RFE
Makita BTP130SFE
Makita BTP130Z
Makita BTP131
Makita BTP141
Makita BTS130
Makita BTS130RFE
Makita BTS130SFE
Makita BTS130Z
Makita BTW152RFE
Makita BTW250
Makita BTW250RFE
Makita BTW250Z
Makita BUB143
Makita BUB183
Makita BUH481
Makita BUH481Z
Makita BUH521
Makita BUM166
Makita BUM166Z
Makita BUM168
Makita BUR141
Makita BUR142UZ
Makita BVC340
Makita BVC340Z
Makita BVR340
Makita BVR440
Makita CF201DZ
Makita CF201DZW
Makita CJ100D
Makita CJ101D
Makita DA340DRF
Makita DC18RA
Makita DC18RC
Makita DC18SE
Makita DCF300
Makita DCF300Z
Makita DCG140
Makita DCG140RH
Makita DCG140Z
Makita DCG180
Makita DCJ200
Makita DCJ201
Makita DDA340
Makita DDA340RFJ
Makita DDA340Z
Makita DDA341
Makita DDA341RFJ
Makita DDA341Z
Makita DDF343
Makita DDF446
Makita DDF446RFJ
Makita DDF448
Makita DDF448RFJ
Makita DDF456
Makita DDF470
Makita DDF480
Makita DF347DWE
Makita DF347DWLE
Makita DF440
Makita DF440DRFX
Makita DF440DRFXW
Makita DFR540
Makita DHP446
Makita DHP448RFJ
Makita DHP470
Makita DHR162
Makita DHR164
Makita DJR143
Makita DJR143Z
Makita DJR145
Makita DJR183
Makita DJR185
Makita DJV141
Makita DJV142Z
Makita DML146
Makita DML186
Makita DML801
Makita DML802
Makita DML805
Makita DMR050
Makita DMR103
Makita DMR104
Makita DMR105
Makita DMR106
Makita DMR108
Makita DPT350
Makita DST220
Makita DTD134
Makita DTD134RFJ
Makita DTD134Z
Makita DTD136
Makita DTD137
Makita DTD137RFJ
Makita DTD137Z
Makita DTD146
Makita DTD148
Makita DTM40
Makita DTM41
Makita DTM50
Makita DTP131
Makita DTP141
Makita DTS130
Makita DTS131
Makita DTS141
Makita DTW152
Makita DTW250
Makita DUB143
Makita DUH481
Makita DUH483
Makita DUH521
Makita DUH523
Makita DUM166
Makita DUM166Z
Makita DUM168
Makita DUR141
Makita DUR141Z
Makita DUR142L
Makita DUR181
Makita DVC340
Makita DVC350
Makita HP347DWE
Makita HP440DRFX
Makita HR162DRFXW
Makita JV143DZ
Makita KP140DRF
Makita KP140DZ
Makita LXPH02
Makita LXT200
Makita ML140
Makita ML141
Makita MR050
Makita MUH300
Makita MUH301DRF
Makita MUH301DZ
Makita MUH351DRF
Makita MUH351DZ
Makita TD130
Makita TD130D
Makita TD130DRFX
Makita TD130DRFXR
Makita TD130DRFXW
Makita TD130DZ
Makita TD131
Makita TD131D
Makita TD131DRFX
Makita TD131DRFXR
Makita TD131DRFXW
Makita TD131DZ
Makita TD132
Makita TD132D
Makita TD132DRFX
Makita TD132DRFXB
Makita TD132DRFXW
Makita TD132DZ
Makita TD134
Makita TD134DRFX
Makita TD134DRFXB
Makita TD134DRFXL
Makita TD134DRFXP
Makita TD134DRFXW
Makita TL060DRF
Makita TP130DRFX
Makita TP131DB
Makita TP131DRFX
Makita TP131DRFXB
Makita TP131DZ
Makita TS130DRFX
Makita TW152
Makita TW152D
Makita TW152DRFX
Makita TW152DZ
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