Image stabilizer Gimbal 3-axis BT

Image stabilizer Gimbal 3-axis BT

Product code: 50647

About the product
The Gimbal image stabilizer combines the highest quality materials and stylish design. The device is characterized by low weight and an ergonomic handle which translates into convenience even after prolonged use. By using three-axis image stabilization Gimbal guarantees smooth, vibration-free video even in extreme situations. The device offers three modes of operation and allows you to lock individual axes, i.e. the camera can be immobilized in one direction or follows the gimbal movement smoothly. Switching between the individual operating modes is carried out via the function buttons located on the handle. The device is equipped with a built-in Bluetooth module. Has a face tracking function. The device can be charged using the USB cable included in the set or it can also be powered by a power bank. Gimbal arms allow for easy and quick assembly of the device. They have been designed so that they do not obscure the screen and it is possible to preview the recorded material. The comfortable and functional handle gives the possibility of controlling the device with one hand. It has a comfortable tripod mount. Compatible with smartphone below 6.0 'and with GoPro 3/4/5/6 sports cameras.

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Technical data
Package contents
USB cable
Wrist strap
Handle digits
6" (max)
Output voltage
5 V
Output current
1 A
Operating time
12 h
Working temperature
0°C - 40°C
Net weight
440 g
Gross weight
0,739 kg
Smartphone, sport camera, GoPro
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