Battery for HP ProBook 4510s | 4400mAh | 10.8-11.1V

Battery for HP ProBook 4510s | 4400mAh | 10.8-11.1V

Product code: 52534

Battery for laptop HP ProBook 4510s, 4515s, 4710s, 4720s
Capacity: 4400 mAh
Voltage: 10.8V - 11.1V

Battery for laptop

The Qoltec’s battery is characterized by being made of high-quality materials. It is designed for HP laptops. It was created from lithium-ion cells ensuring long battery life. The 4400mAh battery capacity guarantees a long and reliable laptop operation. The battery has no charging memory and it doesn't need formatting.

Mains Features

• Fast charging
• High stability
• Overcharge protection
• Overload protection
• Overheat protection
• Overvoltage protection

Technical data
Compatible with
HP Compaq
Cell type
Li - ion
10.8V - 11.1V
4400 mAh
268 x 42 x 20 mm
Net weight
312 g
Code replacement battery
513129-121, 513129-141, 513129-161, 513129-321, 513129-351, 513129-361, 513129-421, 513130-121, 513130-141, 513130-161, 513130-321, 513130-361, 535753-001, 535808-001, 536418-001, 572032-001, 591998-141, 593576-001, HSTNN-1B1D, HSTNN-I60C-5, HSTNN-I61C-5, HSTNN-I62C-7, HSTNN-IB88, HSTNN-IB89, HSTNN-LB88, HSTNN-OB88, HSTNN-OB89, HSTNN-W79C-7, HSTNN-XB89, KU533AA, NBP6A156, NBP6A156B1, NBP8A157, NBP8A157B1, NZ375AA, NZ375AA#ABA, ZZ08
Additional information
No memory effect
12 months
Gross weight
0,412 kg
EAN code
Dedicated for models
HP ProBook 4311
HP ProBook 4410s
HP ProBook 4510
HP ProBook 4510s
HP ProBook 4511
HP ProBook 4511s
HP ProBook 4510s/CT
HP ProBook 4515
HP ProBook 4515s
HP ProBook 4515s/CT
HP ProBook 4710
HP ProBook 4710s
HP ProBook 4710s/CT
HP ProBook 4720
HP ProBook 4720S
1 z 1
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