LED Driver  12VDC | 10A |  9 channels

LED Driver 12VDC | 10A | 9 channels

Product code: 50953

The LED power supply in a metal wall housing can support up to 9 independent devices. Thanks to the highest quality of demanding customers. It is intended for supplying CCTV, LED strips, modules, panels, strips, LED bulbs and many other electronic devices powered with 12V DC.
Power: 120 W
Output voltage: 12 V
Output intensity: 10 A

Technical data
Usable power
max. 120 W
Output voltage
12 V
Input voltage
220-240 V
Output current
10 A
Each output is protected by a 1A fuse
IP Rating
Larger than 105% of capacity | restoration after abnormity removed
Additional information
Signalling - LED diode
Housing - metal, wall mounted
Closing - key lock
Working temperature
-20~ +60°C
Storage temperature
205 x 55 x 235 mm
Net weight
1179 g
Gross weight
1,225 kg
24 months
EAN code
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