Premium tempered glass screen protector for Apple iPhone SE

Premium tempered glass screen protector for Apple iPhone SE

Product code: 51340

Securing Premium Tempered glass is made from specially processed glass to protect the screen from damage and scratches, effectively absorb every blow.

Used: Apple iPhone SE

Glass protector

Tempered safety glass has been designed for maximum protection of the display on your smartphone. Glass brand Qoltec is the perfect choice for those who appreciate quality. Thanks to the unique processes, our glasses are extremely hard (9H), while maintaining optimal clarity and transparency. Protect your phone from dirt, scratches, fingerprints and absorb every blow. Glass have rounded corners and edges, do not lose lustre and do not reflect the sun, which ensures comfort. Thanks to the extremely thin glass display does not change the properties of touch.
The kit includes glass by Qoltec perfectly fit the size of the display. To prepare the display for mounting glass, to set added two wipes: wet to remove grease stains from the display and dry to wipe it from remained particles.

Technical data
Designed for brands
iPhone SE
Tempered glass
Diagonal screen
Dimensions of tempered glass
120 x 55 mm
Diagonal tempered glass
128 mm
Number of pieces
Main features
Real glass
Oleophobic coating
Surface hardness 9H
Unique sensitivity touch
Perfect adhesion
Package contents
Premium tempered glass screen protector
Microfiber cleaning cloth
Wet cleaning swab
EAN code
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