Screen LED 15.6"

Screen LED 15.6"

Product code: 50891

Model / part number: LTN156AT31
Backlight technology: LED
Screen size: 15.6"
Connectors: 30 pin
Surface: Glossy

NOTE! Compare photo to own part for exchange

Screen LCD

The notebook screen is the main part of the laptop allows you to work. In order to fit an appropriate model should be verified compatibility list contained in the product description on the page If in doubt, please check a number of the original matrix located on the backside - for example: LTN156AT31, where LTN is the designation of the manufacturer, 156 is the number of inches (15.6 "), the remaining characters to define a series of laptops that are tailored matrix. Changing even one character can attest to the difference in the location of the mounting clamps or tape, and other parameters.
In choosing the correct model will help you the configurator located on our website or at

Technical data
Model / part number
Quality assessment
Screen size
30 pin
Samsung: LTN156AT37-W02, LTN156AT37-W01, LTN156AT37-T01, LTN156AT37-L02, LTN156AT37-L01, LTN156AT37-B01, LTN156AT37-601, LTN156AT37-402, LTN156AT37-401, LTN156AT33-B01, LTN156AT33-401, LTN156AT31-W01, LTN156AT31-P02, LTN156AT31-P01, LTN156AT31-B01, LTN156AT31-301
LG: LP156WHB(TP)(D1), LP156WHB(TP)(C1), LP156WHB(TP)(A1), LP156WHB(TP)(B1), LP156WHU(TP)(A1), LP156WHU(TP)(B1), LP156WHU(TP)(D1), LP156WHU(TP)(BH|), LP156WHA(SP)(A2), LP156WHA(SP)(A1), LP156WH3(TP)(TH), LP156WH3(TP)(T2), LP156WH3(TP)(SH), LP156WH3(TP)(S2), LP156WH3(TP)(S1), LP156WHA-SPA2, LP156WHA-SPA1, LP156WHA-TPTH, LP156WH3-TPT2, LP156WH3-TPSH, LP156WH3-TPS2, LP156WH3-TPS1, LP156WHB-TPD1, LP156WHB-TPC1, LP156WHB-TPA1, LP156WHB-TPB1, LP156WHU- TPA1, LP156WHU-TPB1, LP156WHU-TPD1, LP156WHU-TPBG
AU Optronics: B156XW04 V.8, B156XW04 V.7, B156XTN04.1, B156XTN04.0, B156XTN03.5, B156XTN03.1
Chimei Innolux: N156BGE-EB1, N156BGE-EA2, N156BGE-EA1, N156BGE-E41, N156BGE-E31, N156BGE-E42
BOE: NT156WHM-N22, NT156WHM-N21, NT156WHM-N12
12 months
EAN code
Dedicated for models
Asus X550LA
Asus X550LA-DH71
Asus X550LA-DH51
Asus X550LA-RI5T25
Asus X550LA-RI7T27
Asus X550LA-XH51
Asus X550LC
Asus X550LC-FH51
Asus N550
Asus N550LF
Asus N550JV-DB72T
Asus N550JV
Asus N550LF
Asus N550JV
Asus N550JA
Asus N550JV-DB71-CA
Asus N550JV
Asus N550JA
Asus N550JA-SB71T
Asus N550JK
Asus N550JK-DS71T
Asus N550JK-DB71
Asus N550JV-DB71
Asus X550LB
Asus X550LB-NH52
Asus X550LB-DH72
Asus X550LB-DS71
Asus X550JD
Asus X550JX
Asus X550JF
Asus X550W
Asus X550WA
Asus X550WE
Asus X550E X550EA
Acer E1-510
Acer E1-530
Acer E1-530G
Acer E1-522
Acer E1-532
Acer E1-532G
Acer E1-570
Acer E1-570g
Acer E1-572
Acer E1-572G
Acer V5-572
Acer V5-572P
Acer V5-572G
Acer V5-571P
Acer V5-571PG
Acer V5-571P
Acer V5-552G
Acer V5-552PG
Acer V5-573
Acer V5-573G
Acer V5-582P
Acer V5-582PG
Acer V5-561
Acer V5-561G
Acer M3-581T
Acer M3-581PTG
Acer M3-581TP
Acer V7-581
Acer V7-581P
Acer V7-582P
Acer E5-571
Acer E5-571G
Acer E5-511
Acer E5-511P
Acer E5-521
Acer E5-521G
Acer E5-531
Acer E5-551
Acer E5-551G
Acer 2510
Acer 2510G
Acer 15 CB5-571
Acer 15 C910
Dell 15 3541
Dell 15 3542
Dell 15 3543
Dell 15 3551
Dell 15 5547
Dell 15 5548
Dell 15 5558
Lenovo B50-30
Lenovo B50-45
Lenovo B50-70
Lenovo G50-30
Lenovo G50-45
Lenovo G50-70
Lenovo G50-80
Lenovo Z510
Packard Bell TE69BM
Packard Bell TE69KB
Packard Bell TX59-HR
Packard Bell TE69CX
Packard Bell TE69HW
1 z 1
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