Warranty conditions

Below you can find overall warranty regarding Qoltec products.

Guarantee period for different product groups:

Product group Guarantee period (months)
Cables 24
Bluetooth accessories 24
Accessories for video TV 24
Batteries for laptops and smartphones 12
Power bank, monopod, headphones 24
Spare parts for laptop 12
Sports camera, car recorder HD 24
Surge protectors 24
Mice 24
PC case 24
Cases for tablet, stands for tablet/smartphones 12
Chargers/power adapters: laptops, car, adapter AC, LED, ATX 24
Video doorphone 24
Glass protector 12
Sport accessories 24

Warranty conditions

nTec issues guarantee for all Qoltec products.

1. Warranty applies to damage caused by construction faults.

2. Warranty does not apply to:

  • any mechanical, thermal or chemical damages
  • improper use of the product inconsistent with its intended purpose 
  • damage resulting from improper selection of spare parts 
  • intentional damage (for example: opening the product, attempt to repair, interference by unauthorized persons)
  • Natural destroy resulting from its permanent operation
  • Faulty montage of product
  • damage caused by force majeure  (for example: lightning strike, storm, overvoltage)   

3. Complaints are considered only for products which are still under guarantee period and for products that contain detailed description of damage attached to shipment.

4. Faulty product has to be delivered by client on its own to the place where it was purchase and at their own expense.

5. After complaint consideration, faulty product can either be changed for a new one or repaired. In case when working product will be delivered to service, it will be sent back to client on his own account.

6. In case of repair, execution time of complaint stretches to 30 days, since complaint consideration.

7. Client can return bought product on his own expense (if there was no either agreement) in original packaging and with purchase receipt (VAT invoice). The returned product can not bear traces of use, be damaged (also applies to packaging)

8. Before making orders We strongly urge you to consider while making order. Unjustified returns will not be considered. 

Warranty procedure

To properly file a complaint should:

1. Download complaint form from www.qoltec.pl

2. Fill out correctly said form and send it to rma_ntec@ntec.pl

3. Wait for acceptance from service.

4. After complaint consideration you will be given RMA number for your package.

5. Send product and filled complaint protocol to nTec, Chorzowska street 44B, 40-100 Gliwice

6. After finished repairs, the product will be send back to the customer.  

In case of any questions, please call us under (32) 321 16 81 or 509 386 196 from monday through friday, working hours are 8:30-16:30.

Complaint protocol [PDF 262.35kB]