Cookies Files Policy

Defines the rules for storage and access information on the devices by using cookies , to achieve electronically supplied services requested by you , by nTec located on Chorzowska 44B, 44-100 Gliwice.

Cookies Files Policy

I. Definition

1. Administrator – (44-100, ul. Chorzowska 44B, NIP: 6312435917, Regon: 278338752), which been provided electronic services, stores and accesses information in user devices .
2. Cookies - small computer data files, specifically TXT (text) format files stored on those terminals (e.g. PCs, laptop computers, smartphones or tablets) used to access websites. The cookies allow the user's device to be identified and hence to display a website according to the user's preferences.
3. Cookies Administrator – regard to cookies published by Administrator, related to the services by electronic means through the site Administrator.
4. Outside Cookies – regard to cookies published by Administrator partners, related to the services by electronic means through the webpage.
5. Service – regard to webpage or application, by with Administrator leads costumer service, working in domain,
6. Device – regard to electronic device through which the user accesses the Service.
7. User – regard subject to whom accordance with the rules and laws can be provided by electronically services or which may be entered into the Agreement for the provision of electronic services.

II. Type of used cookies

1. Cookies used by the Administrator are safe for the user equipment . In particular, this route is not possible to Devices get infected by viruses or other unwanted software or malware . These files allow you to identify the software used by the user and adapt individually to each user site. Cookies typically contain the name of the domain from which they originate, storage time and assigned value.

2. The administrator uses two types of cookies

a. Session cookies:
they are stored on the User Device and remain there until the end of the browser session. The recorded information is then permanently deleted from the devices memory. The mechanism does not allow session cookies to retrieve any personal information or any confidential information from user devices.
b. Persistent cookies: they are stored on the User Device and remain there until you delete them. The end of the session, devices shut down or browser close does not delete them from the user device. Persistent cookies mechanism does not allow to collect any personal information or any confidential information of user devices.

3. User have ability to limit or disable cookies access to your devices. If you use this option, the use of the Service will be possible, in addition to the functions which, by their nature, require cookies. 

III. The purposes of using cookies

1. The administrator uses own cookies for the following purposes

a. System configuration
i) To adapt the Web content to the Service User preferences and to optimize use of the website,
ii) To recognize Service User device and its location and properly display the webpage, tailored to their individual needs,
iii) To remember the user settings and interface personalization (such as language).

b. User authentication on the site and to ensure proper sessions on the site
i) Continue user session after login, thanks to it user don’t have to login again on every page,
ii) Proper configuration of selected functions of the Service , allowing in particular verify the authenticity of the browser session,
iii) Optimize and increase the efficiency of services provided by the Administrator.

c. Realization of necessary processes for full functionality of websites
i) Adjust web content to the Service User preferences and to optimize use of the website. In particular, those files allows you recognize basic user device parameters and properly display the website tailored to their individual needs.

d. Remember user location
i) Proper configuration of selected Service function, allowing to align the information to User regard to its location.

e. Analyzes and surveys and audits audience
i) Create anonymous statistics, that help us to understand how Service Users benefit from the website, which enables the improvement of their structure and content

f. Advertising services
i) Adjust presented through the Service advertising and third party products.

Provide safety and reliability

2. Service Administrator use extarnal cookies in fallowing purpuse:

a. To display multimedia content on the Service websites, witch are downloaded from external website:
i) [administator cookies: Vimeo, LLC. located in w USA],
ii) [administrator cookies: Google Inc located in USA],
iii) [administrator cookies: Free4Fresh Sp. z o.o. located in Warsaw]. 


b. To collect general and anonymous static data using analitical tools:
i) Google Analytics [administrator cookies: Google Inc located in USA],
ii) Gemius Traffic [administrator cookies: Gemius S.A. located in Warsaw],
iii) Stat24 [administrator cookies: Redefine Sp. z o.o. located in Warsaw],
iv) KissMetrics [administrator cookies: Space Pencil, Inc. located in USA].

c. To display advertisment costumize to user preferences using internet advertising tools:
 i) Google AdSense [administrator cookies: Google Inc located in USA].

d. Login to the side using social networking website:
i) Facebook Connect [administrator cookies: Facebook Inc located in USA or Facebook Ireland located in Irlandii],
ii) Google [administrator cookies: Google Inc located in USA].


e. Use interactive features in order to promote the site using social networking sites:
i)  [administrator cookies: Google Inc located inUSA],
ii)  [administrator cookies: Facebook Inc located in USA lub Facebook Ireland located in Irlandii].

f. Presenting opinion on the Service websites, with are downloaded from external website:
i) [administrator cookies: Opineo Sp. z o.o. located in Wrocławiu].

g. Use function to facilitate communication through Service website, with are taken from external website:
i) [administrator cookies: Microsoft Corporation located in USA].

IV. Terms and conditions of storage or getting access by Cookies

1. User can freely and in any time change cookies file settings, specifying terms of storing and accessing the cookies to User device. Settings changes referred to preceding sentence, user can change it using browser settings, or by using service. These settings can be amended in such way to block automatic cookies file service in browser settings or inform about them every time on user device. Detailed information about facility and ways of service cookies files are available in software settings (web browser).
2. User can in any time delete cookies files using available functions in internet browser.

3. Limitation of using cookies may affect some function available on the Website.