Qoltec Automatic Voltage Stabilizer AVR 5000VA

Qoltec Automatic Voltage Stabilizer AVR 5000VA

Product code: 50726

Automatic Voltage Stabilizer AVR increases or decreases the output voltage to match the operational level of the connected devices.
AVR improve the parameters of the voltage supplied from the local network or a power generator.

Safe and stable operation


Many of us use generators. We use them to power the tools we use in the garden, on the construction site, in the garage, as well as food trucks or camper trailers. We will use them in any place where we do not have access to an electrical outlet or the current we receive is not very stable. If your generator is not equipped with an automatic voltage stabilizer (AVR), your devices are at risk of malfunction or damage. The ideal solution is a Qoltec brand device that will take care of stable voltage and proper operation of powered devices.

Protection your device


Choosing our solution, we offer:
- a combination of voltage stabilizer and surge protector functions,
- The stabilizer is equipped with a specialized short-circuit protection function,
- protection against voltage fluctuations, maintaining a stable voltage of 230V,
- confidence that when the voltage is too high, the stabilizer will disconnect the device from the grid, cutting off the input power,
- built-in LCD display that will allow you to read the parameters,
- compact dimensions and built-in handle, so you can take the device with you anywhere. 

Delay function

The stabilizer is equipped with a delay function. The default delay time is 6 seconds. This function is useful for products with motors and compressors to prevent and protect the device from damage due to frequent switching on of the device right after it is turned off. The maximum delay time is 180 seconds.

Confidence confirmed by a warranty

Do you care about the high quality of the product you buy? Our solutions will meet your expectations. Each of the voltage stabilizers we offer is covered by a 24-month warranty valid from the date of purchase.

Technical data
Single phase
Output voltage
230 V
Output frequency
Synchronized with input frequency (50 ~ 60Hz)
Apparent power
5000 VA
Cooling system
Passive cooling
Noise level
<65dB ( at 1m distance)
± 10%
- High temperature
- High voltage
- Low voltage
- Short circuit
Appliances protection against mains interference
Relative humidity
Max 95 % without condensation
Storage temperatures
-20˚C ~ +40˚C
Operating temperature
-10˚C ~ +40˚C
320 x 225 x 190 mm
Package contents
Automatic Voltage Stabilizer AVR
User manual
Warranty card
Package depth / length [mm]
Package width [mm]
Package height [mm]
Net weight [kg]
Gross weight [kg]
24 month
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