Qoltec DC jack for Acer TravelMate 1350

Qoltec DC jack for Acer TravelMate 1350

Product code: 7471.AC-1350

Suitable for laptop:
- Acer TravelMate
- Compaq: Evo, Armada, Prosignia, Presario
- HP Pavilion

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DC jack
DC Jack is part of the service required for charging laptops and other electronic devices. Perfect fit and use the highest quality materials ensure long-lasting effect. Before purchasing, please verify the exact specifications and photos. In choosing the appropriate model will help you the configurator located on our website or at: http://notebookspareparts.pl
Technical data
Designed for brands
Acer, Alienware, HP/Compaq
Dimensions inside
5.5 x 2.5 mm
Plastic, metal
12 months
EAN code
Dedicated for models
Acer TravelMate 332T
Acer TravelMate 370
Acer TravelMate 732
Acer TravelMate 734
Acer TravelMate 1350
Acer TravelMate 1360
Alienware Area 51 Sentia
Compaq Evo N110
Compaq Evo N150
Compaq Evo N180
Compaq Evo N200
Compaq Evo N400
Compaq Evo N410
Compaq Evo N600
Compaq Evo N610
Compaq Evo N620
Compaq Evo N800
Compaq Evo N800C
Compaq Evo N800W
Compaq Evo N800V
Compaq Armada 100
Compaq Armada 110
Compaq Armada V300
Compaq Armada E500
Compaq Armada E500S
Compaq Armada E700
Compaq Prosignia 190SMB
Compaq Presario 2800
Compaq Presario 2800CA
Compaq Presario 2800T
Compaq Presario 2835CA
HP Pavilion ZE4900
HP Pavilion ZE4901
HP Pavilion ZE4902
HP Pavilion ZE4903
HP Pavilion ZE4904
HP Pavilion ZE4905
HP Pavilion ZE4906
HP Pavilion ZE4907
HP Pavilion ZE4908
HP Pavilion ZE4909
HP Pavilion ZE4910
HP Pavilion ZE4911
HP Pavilion ZE4912
HP Pavilion ZE4915
HP Pavilion ZE4918
HP Pavilion ZE4920
HP Pavilion ZE4922
HP Pavilion ZE4923
HP Pavilion ZE4925
HP Pavilion ZE4926
HP Pavilion ZE4927
HP Pavilion ZE4928
HP Pavilion ZE4929
HP Pavilion ZE4930
HP Pavilion ZE4935
HP Pavilion ZE4940
HP Pavilion ZE4945
HP Pavilion ZE4950
HP Pavilion ZE4955
HP Pavilion ZE4960
HP Pavilion ZE4965
HP Pavilion ZE4970
HP Pavilion ZE4974
HP Pavilion ZE4975
HP Pavilion ZE4980
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