Qoltec Induction Wireless Charger | 5V / 9V | 10W | 2A | Micro USB

Qoltec Induction Wireless Charger | 5V / 9V | 10W | 2A | Micro USB

Product code: 51225

The Qoltec induction charger is a guarantee of safe power supply and use. You can use it at home or at work. It has a number of security measures to protect connected devices. It is characterized by high efficiency, which reduces energy consumption.

WARNING! Make sure your smartphone supports Qi wireless charging.

Choose a reliable charger
Reliability is of key importance to you? Choose a Qoltec induction charger that will allow you to charge your mobile devices safely. Ideally suited to the home or office as the main or additional charger. It was made of the highest quality materials, the technologies used in it will allow for low energy consumption and high efficiency.
Practical solution
The Qoltec induction charger was made of the highest quality materials to ensure reliable charging in any situation. It has been equipped with the Qualcomm Quick Charge which allows you to cut the charging time.
Inductive charging
Qi is the term for a commonly used inductive charging standard. Allows you to:
- full comfort - charging takes place immediately after bringing the phone to the charger,
- safety - we eliminate connectors damage so common with traditional charging,
Wireless charging is possible for Qi-enabled devices only.
Confidence confirmed by a warranty
You value the quality of purchased equipment so our projects and solutions are focused on meeting your expectations. Qoltec car charger is covered by 24 months warranty.
Technical data
Plug type
1 x Micro USB
Usable power
10 W
Output voltage
9V - max 1,3A / 5V - max 1A
Output current
1,3A / 1A
Input voltage
DC: 9V - max 1.67A / 5V - max 2A
Additional information
Induction charger for telecommunications devices and for automatic data processing equipment and devices for these machines.
Cable length
Gross weight
0.189 kg
24 months
EAN code
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