Qoltec Laminator LMR-0328 | A3

Qoltec Laminator LMR-0328 | A3

Product code: 50328

The Qoltec laminator will allow you to maintain the quality of important documents in a quick and easy way. The laminating pouch will give them an aesthetic appearance and protect them against external factors. The device is ready to use after 3-5 minutes of heating. It has a built-in LED diode.
Laminating speed - 310mm/min.

Maintain perfect document aesthetics


Faded receipts, flooded invoices, discolored photos, torn diplomas. Sounds familiar? Paper is an excellent carrier of information, but unfortunately, it is not durable. Documents lose their readability over time.

Lamination is a process by which you will ensure the quality and aesthetic appearance of documents, protect them against the effects of the passage of time and external factors.

The Qoltec brand offers you a laminator that will work both in the office and at home. Protect your private documents, photos and important company data.

Permanent solutions

antena QOLTEC LAMINATOR is guarantees of fast and easy lamination of documents. It is an ideal solution in places where the quality and aesthetics of stored documents is important.
In addition, it offers:
- larger lamination format - A3,
- warm up time - from 3 to 5 minutes,
- signaling the readiness to work - built-in LED DIODE,
- laminating speed - 310mm/min,
- the ability to work with documents with a maximum thickness of 125 microns.

Confidence confirmed by a warranty

You value the quality of purchased equipment so our projects and solutions are focused on meeting your expectations. Qoltec Laminator is covered by 24 months warranty.

Technical data
Usable power
250 W
Input voltage
220 - 240 V
AC current
1.2 A
50 - 60 Hz
Max. laminating width
330 mm
Max. laminating thickness
0.6 mm
Lamination format
Laminating speed
310 mm / min
Pouch thickness range
125 mik
Warm up time
3 - 5 min
Jam release button
Cold laminating
Heating system
Heating wires
Additional information
Power and ready indicator light
Package contents
User manual
White with grey elements
Dimensions (D/L x W x H)
85 x 430 x 95 mm
Package depth / length [mm]
Package width [mm]
Package height [mm]
Net weight [kg]
Gross weight [kg]
24 months
EAN code
Technical support

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