Qoltec Riser PCi-E 1x - 16x | USB 3.0 | SATA/ IDE MOLEX 4pin

Qoltec Riser PCi-E 1x - 16x | USB 3.0 | SATA/ IDE MOLEX 4pin

Product code: 55500

Riser PCI-E 1x-16x guarantees more stable operation of mining rigs. It’s made of a PCI-E 16x (female) socket, a USB cable, a PCI-E 1x (male) socket, a Molex / SATA plug and a 4PIN plug, which allows you to connect additional power to the card. You can reduce the load on the motherboard and avoid blown tracks while many graphics cards are running simultaneously. It is the cheapest way to improve ventilation while allowing the use of all available PCI-E 1x sockets.

Technical data
Mining rigs
Package contents
PCI-E 16x adapter
PCI-E 1x Riser board
Cable USB 3.0 (0.6 m)
SATA/ IDE MOLEX 4pin cable
PCI-E 16x Female - PCI-E 1x Male (compatible with 16xPCI-E)
Gross weight
0,093 kg
24 months
EAN code
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