Qoltec Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS RACK | 6KVA | 4800W | LCD

Qoltec Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS RACK | 6KVA | 4800W | LCD

Product code: 53943

RACK UPS adapted for mounting in rack cabinets. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to have control over the stable operation of their devices regardless of fluctuations in the power supply. In order to provide emergency power backup, an additional battery module is required (53944)

Discover safe energy
Do you have a small server room, or maybe you run a company? Do you store private data on the server, or is it filled with important information? We know how important safety and maintenance of constant energy access to your devices are for you. Don't let voltage outages and decreases affect your work. The RACK UPS is a solution that provides a constant supply of energy which is necessary for the stable operation of your devices.
Appearance and functionality
The built-in LCD display guarantees easy management of the device operation. Thanks to this, you regularly receive information about the status of work and parameters, making work easy, fast and reliable.
Better quality work
- Pure sine wave - security basis and guarantee of compatibility with any type of power supply,
- Overload protection, short circuit protection and high-temperature protection,
- Double conversion - guarantee that a stable power supply with constant parameters is supplied to your devices,
- Ability to mount an SNMP card or connect an SNMP adapter - it is a network management standard that allows you to collect information about connected devices or configure their parameters quickly and easily,
- USB port - thanks to the UPS management software, you can monitor its operation on an ongoing basis and adapt it to your needs,
- RJ-45 port - provides security against overvoltage via LAN.
Confidence confirmed by a warranty
You value the quality of purchased equipment so our projects and solutions are focused on meeting your expectations. RACK UPS is covered by 24 months warranty.
Technical data
Rated capacity
Usable power
4800 W
Power factor
Wave form
Pure sine wave
Transfer time
≤ 4 ms
Range voltage
Input voltage: 230 Vac (50 Hz - 60 Hz)
Output voltage: 220 Vac ~ 230 Vac ± 10%c (50 Hz - 60 Hz)
Data processing centers
Industrial and production environments
Medical centers
Application in places where operational reliability is required
Built-in battery
Output sockets
1 x RJ45
1 x USB type B
Operating temperature
20˚C ~ +40˚C
≤ 35 dB
Overload protection
Overvoltage protection
Short circuit protection
High and low voltage protection
Power factory
Load type
Devices sensitive to the occurrence of voltage jumps, PC
Package contents
User manual
Warranty card
CD with software
Additional information
Height lower than 1000m.: without derating
Height above 1000m n.m.p .: 1% reduction of the rated parameters for every 100m of growth
Housing color
660 x 430 x 130 mm 3U
Net weight
15,9 kg
Gross weight
20 kg
24 months
EAN code
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