How to choose laptop power supply

This article provides information how to choose laptop power supply.

Choice of equipment

You should check parameters from original power supply : output parameters , voltage expressed in Volts and Amperes, and power also choose a suitable plug.
While selecting the power supply for your laptop , be sure to:

  • Voltage V (volt) – should be compatible with information on original power supply or laptop.
  • Ampers A (amper) – mean maximal current that can relieve the device, should be greater or equal to the information stored on the power supply . Electricity can not be lower than the specified value , it may cause a malfunction.
  • Power W (wat) – similar as amperage, power should be equal or higher, but never lower then information on original power supply.
  • Plug – should be equal as original power supply.

You can use configurator located on by entering the relevant parameters.