Qoltec AGM battery | 12V | 100Ah | max 1200A

Qoltec AGM battery | 12V | 100Ah | max 1200A

Product code: 53038

AGM battery is intended for use in emergency power systems and in other situations where the battery works cyclically.

Stable energy source
Performing daily activities you certainly use devices that need current to work efficiently. Some of them draw energy from the network, other devices like electronic toys, quads, UPS or medical equipment need a battery to work. We offer a wide range of solutions to provide them with a stable and safe source of energy. Check out our AGM batteries and choose the variant best suited to your needs.
Safe and maintenance free
We design batteries according to the latest AGM technology, which allows them to work longer thanks to the low self-discharge. Feel safe - their advantage is tightness, resistance to high temperatures and various types of shocks. Equipment powered in this way will work without fail for a long time. Qoltec AGM batteries provide up to 10 years of maintenance-free operation.
One battery - two options for operation
Wondering where to use our battery? As a permanent energy source or emergency power supply? The answer is: in both situations, it works perfectly. You can treat it like a battery, which is charged and then powers your equipment. In case of a sudden power outage or power surge, you ensure the safety of connected devices.
You get a full guarantee of reliability. You have the possibility of safe battery operation in any position. You want your equipment to work at full capacity without restrictions - now you can be sure that it will receive the needed dose of energy.
Confidence confirmed by a warranty
You value the quality of purchased equipment so our projects and solutions are focused on meeting your expectations. AGM Batteries are covered by 24 months warranty.
Technical data
Rated capacity
12 V
Max. Discharge Current
1200 A
Loading the buffer
13.5 - 13.8V
Cyclic loading
14.4 - 15.0V
Service life
10 years (when working with an uninterruptible power supply UPS)
Alarm systems and monitoring
Electronic toys
Motorcycles, quads, scooters, etc.
Forklifts, golf carts, wheelchairs
Solar battery systems
Medical equipment
Emergency lighting
320 x 165 x 210 mm
Net weight
28.10 kg
Gross weight
29,8 kg
Weight deviation
+/- 10%
24 months
EAN code
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