Archival product Qoltec Shredder RODO | Cross cut | 10L

Qoltec Shredder RODO | Cross cut | 10L

Product code: 50321

Qoltec shredder is a product made of high-quality materials that guarantee safe document destruction. You will use it both at work and at home. It is characterized by high efficiency and low energy consumption.

Trustworthy device

niszczarka Do you run a business, generate a lot of documents in the office, or perhaps you work remotely from home? Each of us comes into contact with various documents on a daily basis. Often we are not aware of their importance, and each piece of paper is a carrier of information.

It is important for us to be aware that data, even if it is unimportant from our point of view, can be used against us. Products available on the market in a simple and safe way will help us to select any document so that it does not fall into the wrong hands.

The RODO shredder from Qoltec is the perfect solution for home or office.
Bet on safety

niszczarka Our solution is perfect for every place where many documents are destroyed. The device offers:
- HIGH LEVEL OF SAFETY - destruction class P-4,
- QUICK PROCESS OF OPERATION - you can destroy 5 A4 sheets at a time,
- FULL CONVENIENCE - 10L basket.

Confidence confirmed by a warranty

Do you care about the high quality of the product you buy? Our solutions will meet your expectations. We offer a 20-year warranty on the cutting knives on each of our shredders. In addition, each of the shredder models we present is covered by a 24-month warranty valid from the date of purchase.

Technical data
Undo function
Security level
number of sheets that can be shredded at the on time (80g/m²)
Cut type
Cross cut
Cutting size
4 x 40 mm
Cutting speed
2.5 m / min
Input gap widht
220 mm
Basket (litres)
Cleaning function
Continuous work time
2 min
Noise level
72 dB
Start/stop function
Additional information
Removable head
20-year warranty on cutting knive
Package contents
User manual
328 x 156 x 304 mm
Package depth / length [mm]
Package width [mm]
Package height [mm]
Net weight [kg]
Gross weight [kg]
24 months
EAN code
Technical support

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