Qoltec Thermal grease 1.42 W/m-K | 100g | white

Qoltec Thermal grease 1.42 W/m-K | 100g | white

Product code: 51634

Qoltec thermal grease is a product of the highest quality, which offers:
- high thermal conductivity,
- perfect insulation,
- high quality,
- easy application,
- efficiency

An efficient computer for years

Do you care about reliable operation and improve the performance of your computer's cooling system? You will achieve it with Qoltec thermal paste. In our offer you find a wide selection of products characterized by different density and thermal efficiency.

When the temperature rises, your computer takes it cold

Qoltec thermal paste is a product of the highest quality, which offers:
- high thermal conductivity - ensuring proper heat dissipation,
- perfect insulation - prevents short circuits on sensitive elements of the electronic system,
- high quality - the properties of the paste do not deteriorate over time, which guarantees stable operation for years,
- easy application - thanks to which you can precisely fill all micro-gaps between individual components,
- efficiency - one package allows you to replace the old paste in all necessary elements of your computer or laptop.

Confidence confirmed by a warranty

You value the quality of purchased equipment so our projects and solutions are focused on meeting your expectations. Qoltec thermal paste is covered by 24 months warranty.

Technical data
Thermal conductivity
1.42 W/m-K
Thermal resistance
< 0.249°C/W
Working temperature
-30°C ~ 280℃
Particle size
5 μm
Specific gravity
2 g/cm³
Net weight
100 g
Gross weight
116 kg
24 months
EAN code
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